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Gryphons’ Attempt at Upset Victory Foiled: A Division Cricket Finals 2017

By Lakshminarayanan Kaushik Rangaraj (17S06P) and guest writer Aahan Gopinath Achar (17S03J). Pictures by Liu Xin Yu (18S05A) and the Raffles Photographic Society.

ACS(I): 110/6 in 20 overs (Anirudh – 39)
RI: 81/10 in 17.2 overs (Karthik – 24)

Rain had plagued the whole A Division Cricket season. Keeping with the theme, the finals too were marred with foul weather. Due to unrelenting showers, they took place over 2 days, 15th and 16th May 2017.

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Floorball Boys ‘A’ Division Finals 2017

By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A) and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R)

Photos by Raffles Photographic Society and Choi Hoe Chang

On 17th May, our boys’ floorball team faced Victoria Junior College in the finals of the ‘A’ Division Floorball National Championship. The match was expected to be intense and tough – RI and VJC have long been rivals in floorball, as both possess equal skills, strength, and spirit. They were to put themselves to the test for three periods, each lasting 15 minutes.

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Defending the Title: Hockey Boys Finals 2017

By Tapasya Singh (17S03C) and Grace Lau (18S03I), photos by Ong Tsien Jin (18S03I)

On the 11th of May, spectators streamed steadily into Seng Kang Sports and Recreation Centre to watch the Raffles Hockey boys play their final match against defending champions Victoria Junior College (VJC). The tension in the air was palpable as our players took their positions against the opposing team, awaiting the blow of the whistle with bated breath.

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A Smashing Hit for Raffles Tennis

By Adri Faris (18A13A) and Chung Sohyun (18A13A)

Photos courtesy of Raffles Tennis

Raffles Tennis posing in pride with their shining trophies after the match.

As the sun blazed bright on the morning of 4th May, our Raffles Tennis Team played their hearts out at the Kallang Tennis Centre for the annual National A Division Tennis Championships.

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Bouncing Back: Squash ‘A’ Division Championship 2017

By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A), Ianni Tan (18S03C), Lynn Hong (18A13A), Ryan Wee (18A01A), and Soh Ying Qi (18A01C)

The Kallang Squash and Tennis Centre was bubbling with excitement on the 3rd and 4th of May – after all, the players from Raffles Squash were battling it out in the ‘A’ Division championship finals. The sweltering heat failed to distract the players, and did nothing to deter supporters from showing up. After rounds of fast-paced, grueling matches and supporters cheering themselves hoarse, it was evident that the efforts had paid off.

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