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Pitching in to Win: Softball Boys Finals

by: Serafina Siow (17A13A)

Photos by: Guan Xin (17S06B)

This was the sixth year the RI Softball boys were in the finals and the last five times they came away winning. Eager to continue this streak of wins, the team looked determined and undaunted by the stakes as they stepped onto the field against Hwa Chong Institution.

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Over Any Hurdle: En Route to the National Inter-School Track and Field Championships 2016

By Rachel Lim (16A01E)

On 29 April 2016, the National Stadium seated a crowd of roaring spectators in the thousands-strong, boasting students from schools ranging from Cedar Girls’ Secondary to Victoria Junior College. With cheering competitions, ‘flexcams’ claiming their enthusiastic victims and the initiation of the quintessential ‘Kallang wave’, there was hardly a dull moment for members of the thundering audience.  So when the pin-drop silence hit right before each race, ushered by Nila the SEA games mascot on the massive LED screens, the tension in the stadium was almost palpable. Under the eyes of a sea of nearly 15,000 peers and judges, the grand stage was set with the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands looming in the backdrop, and the athletes only had one goal in mind.

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Spare No Mercy: National Bowling Championship 2016

By Deborah Lee (17A01D), Carman Chew (17A01D) and Lee Yun Ning (17A01E)
Photos courtesy of Adriel Tan (17S06C)

Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged and vigorous calculations were being made in the nerve-wracking thirty-minute wait for the release of the bowling ‘A division championship results. Over the past week, RI had fought hard, with the girls maintaining just a 6 points difference between their closest competitors, ACJC, and the boys coming in close for third place. The alley, flooded full with avid school supporters and even more avid parents, held their breaths with the bowlers, each wondering: was the performance on the last day good enough?

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Raffles Archery Takes a Bow: A Division Championships 2016

By Yang Siqi (17A01C) and Andrew Atang Hidajat (17S03I)

As the midday sun climbs higher in the sky, bullets of sweat trickle down the archer’s face. He stares at the bullseye intently, perfectly poised while drawing the bowstring taut, his posture stunningly symbolic of Apollo. As the clock ticks, countless arrows are being shot by rivals beside him, each of their successes contributing more to the immense pressure already felt.

Archery is a silent war. It is one where the most menacing enemy is not one’s competitors, but rather one’s own mind. One must have the required mental fortitude, and physical endurance, to survive an entire day of matches under the sun.

Such was the challenge faced by Raffles Archery, who competed with various other Junior Colleges in the A Division Archery Championships on the 21st of  April this year.

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A Dive for the Gold: Swimming Nationals 2016

by Darrell Koh (16A13A), Gao Yanxin (16S03N); photos courtesy of Yang Zuo (17A01E)

Upon entering the OCBC Aquatics Centre, supporters across the Raffles family banded together, busy coordinating cheers in preparation for the heated finals. Amongst the spectators, some looked on eagerly as they waited for the action to start, while others sought out their friends who were competing and wished them the best for what was ahead. In particular, the Raffles Swim Team seemed excited, but slightly edgy. After all, this was the culmination of months, or even years, of their training.

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