Of Contracts and Cards: Bridging the Gap

by Louisa Li (16A13A) Additional reporting by Teo Xue Heng (15S06C) Hidden behind a veil of confounding and ridiculous sounding terminology (ruff, dummy) is the complex world of Contract Bridge: a realm where only the bravest dare enter, and where only the fittest survive. Over the June holidays, Raffles Bridge sent 2 teams to prove their mettle … Continue reading

Holding the Court: Badminton Finals 2015

by: Adelyn Tan (16A01E), Choo Shuen Ming (16A01E) and Huang Jiawen (16S06G) Photos by Hee Xin Wei (15S03I) and Chang Po Chun (16S03K) 20th May saw our Badminton Girls playing their finals against NYJC for a shot at 2nd runners’ up, and our Badminton Boys going toe-to-toe against AC in a bid to earn the … Continue reading

All in for Raffles: A Division Netball Finals 2015

by Gladys Lim (16S03K) Photographs by Hee Xin Wei (15S03I) and Gabrielle Jeyaseelan (15S06A) of Raffles Photographic Society Raffles entered the last game of their season unbeaten, but not complacent. Despite the clean sweep of their last 7 games, the team had trained hard and stayed dedicated this year, and the fighting spirit blazed in … Continue reading

Bouncing Back: Basketball Girls Semis and Finals

by Choo Shuen Ming (16A01E), and Olivia Tan (16A01E) photos by Choo Shuen Ming (16A01E), and Raffles Photography Society May 15 saw our Basketball Girls playing a decisive match against National Junior College in their (successful!) quest for third place. The team had fought hard on their way to the finals, facing formidable opponents, such as … Continue reading

Flooring the Competition: A Division Floorball Boys’ Finals 2015

by Kristal Ng (16S07C), Tasharani Palani (16S03P), Ian Cheng (16S03M) Photos by Gabrielle Jeyaseelan (15S06A) The rumble of thunder marked a sense of foreboding over the spectators in Yishun Sports Hall as the A Division Floorball boys took to the floor. Despite the heavy rain, the hall was filled with Rafflesian supporters as they cheered on … Continue reading

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