IHC Sports 2012

IHC Day 7: Touch me if you can!

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By Zara Nicole Toh (13A01B), Jeremy Yew (13A01B) and Jonathan Tan (13A01C)
Photos by Claudia Koh, Tiffany Ow and Naman Shah from Raffles Photographic Society

Organised by the Touch Rugby girls, IHC Touch Rugby was certainly the place to be for high-speed entertainment, kicking off at the main field on a grey Friday evening. The boy’s results were pretty mixed, with many teams having both draws and wins, and no clear-cut leader. On the other hand, the BW girls dominated that Friday with 3 wins out of 3 matches. Unfortunately, the contrast was stark between the weather and the hyped-up atmosphere, enthusiastic players and a strong showing of supporters; dark clouds rolled in throughout the entire afternoon. Halfway through the matches, the heavens opened up and rain poured down with such a purpose that the games had to be postponed to Monday evening.

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In Full Swing – IHC Day 3!

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By Jonathan Tan (13A01C)
Photos by Nandaru Annabil, Zhi Xuan and Edwin Chow from Raffles Photographic Society

Day 3 of IHC sports saw three sports being contested, namely Tennis, Swimming/Water polo and Basketball, which was the main event held at the newly opened indoor basketball arena.

The Basketball event was hotly contested in the Boys’ category, with the rules allowing for current players to participate in addition to many ex-players who had since quit Basketball since coming to Year 5—it set up an exciting encounter for all 5 houses.

Wee Xuan (BB) and Melvin (MT) raise their hands in unison to keep the basketball suspended in midair with their combined forcefield, while everyone looks on in awe.

Similarly, the competition on the Girls’ side was equally physical and demanding, with the 5-a-side full court format resulting in breathtaking end-to-end play that exhausted players and required constant substitution to get fresh legs into the game.

The power of the forcefield can only hold up for so long.

For the Boys’ event, BW wrapped up 1st place convincingly with victories in all of their round-robin matches, boosted by a good mix of ex-basketball players and a slew of key members in the current school team line-up. As for the 2nd and 3rd places, MR and MT were tied after the four round-robin matches and thus had to enter a playoff game to decide the overall standings.

This match was undoubtedly one of the most physical matches as both sides pressed hard, determined not to give their opponents any time on the ball or any opportunity to aim a shot properly. BW supporters decked in yellow were vocal in their unabashed support for MT, because a Morrison victory would have ensured that the overall title for basketball for both genders would go to MR.

While the MR-MT decider was played out, the Girls’ final was being concluded on the adjacent court. Due to a two-way tie for 1st place, the ensuing free throw playoff saw MR emerging victorious over HH—everyone’s attention were keenly fixed on the remaining Boys’ match.

The real action of the match came in the last minute, when key plays were executed. With about a minute or so to go on the clock, MT scored a go-ahead goal through Alexzander Loh to lead by 2, only for MR’s Zheng Shun to tie the game up again with a quick reply.

Alex Loh then scored again to give MT the lead, but MR came roaring back, as Zheng Shun not only equalised once again, but scored another layup on a fast break to take a precious lead. With seconds remaining on the clock, MR defended strongly and managed to hold on to win the game, placing MR as overall champions for basketball.

MR vs. MT – Physical and competitive on court, but all smiles off court :)
Daniel Sebastian (MR) and Wee Xuan (BB) execute “criss-cross dance style” with some ball tricks in the middle to leave the MR bench ogling.
Yao Zhong (HH) tries to dribble around the BW defender, but he is unaware of the BW’s player’s attempted ninja skills in sneaking up on him.
Dawne (MR) shields the ball from BW opposition.

In addition to Basketball, Day 3 also saw two other events being contested, namely Tennis and Swimming/Water polo.

The referee spins the racket to decide who starts the doubles match between MT and BW.
Ekdanai (HH) reaching out for the sky—a nice pose while performing an overhead serve.
Daniel (BW) confronting his opponent with a fiercely focused face.
Benjamin (BW) rises high above the water to block a shot…
…but here he is powerless to stop an effort from going in.
Shayna (BW) tries to take possession of the ball while her opponent takes an underwater breather.
IHC Swimming certainly made a splash!

IHC Day 4, Girls’ Soccer: Not Just a Man’s Game

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By Jonathan Tan (13A01C) and Zara Nicole Toh (13A01B)
Photos by Chen Zheng Wei and Ng Siyuan from Raffles Photographic Society

(IHC Day 1 and Day 2)

IHC Day 4 kicked off with a line-up of only one event: Girls’ Soccer. This ensured that the attention of all the supporters would be centred on the main field as the girls from each house battled it out to prove that girls too can play soccer.

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IHC Heats Up!

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By Jonathan Tan (13A01C) and Zara Nicole Toh (13A01B)
Photos by Claudia Koh, Sim Xiang Rong, Deng Jia and Zhi Xuan from Raffles Photographic Society

The handball event was destined to be the centrepiece of Day 2, with its prime location at the netball court, attracting even more onlookers than Day 1’s Soccer event. The courts were surrounded on all sides by supporters, comprising reserves, house representatives and ordinary students – even ushers for PTM who were dressed in formal attire crowded around, savouring the action. People who wanted to avoid the crowd planted themselves on the second floor to get a bird’s eye view.

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IHC Begins!

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By Jonathan Tan (13A01C) and Zara Nicole Toh (13A01B)
Photos by Nandaru Annabil, Chen Zheng Wei, Zhi Xuan, Naman Shah and Edwin Chow from Raffles Photographic Society

The IHC Soccer event was perhaps the most appropriate curtain-raiser for IHC Sports 2012 as it took centre stage in the Main Field on the Wednesday, 25th July. It did not disappoint, serving up some exciting action between the houses, with mere goal difference separating most of the houses at the end of the round-robin matches. Continue reading “IHC Begins!”