The Raffles Games: Week 2

By Nadine Staes-Polet (18A01B) and Lim Jing Rong (18A03A) Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society After two long and fun-filled weeks of almost daily games and activities, the second and final week of The Raffles Games (TRG) drew to a close. Despite having significantly fewer events than the previous week, it was nonetheless just as … Continue reading

The Raffles Games: Week 1

By Soh Gek Shuen (18S03B), Lim Jing Rong (18A03A), and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R) Photographs by Raffles Photographic Society Last week marked the start of the long-awaited Team Raffles Games, with houses pitted against one another in a fierce battle of brain and brawn, in hopes of being crowned the champion house. Raffles Press brings you … Continue reading

IHC 2015 TŪHURA: Midweek Update

By Qiu Kexin (16A13A), Md Khairillah (16A01B), Justin Lim (16A01B) Photos by Raffles Photographic Society Flooded with Whatsapp messages about TŪHURA? The past few days may have seen you being flooded with messages on your OG or class groups urging you to partake in an IHC sport– to represent your house in an unforgettable endeavour, … Continue reading

Destemido: Sporting Moments (Part 1)

by Yeo Jia Qi (15S03H), Joshua Tee (15A01D) Photos courtesy of Gabrielle Jeyaseelan (15SO6A), Serena Tan (15SO3I), Arel Chua (15SO3N), Hee Xin Wee (15S03I), Hethav Sivakumar (15AO1E), Ernest Low (15SO6O), Sharmaine Toh (15SO7C) of the Raffles Photographic Society IHC Sports 2014: Destemido kicked off last Monday, with Dodgeball and Tennis. Running for three weeks, the five houses send … Continue reading

IHC Week 2 – The Action Continues

 By Lea Tan (14S06B), Tan Jun Xiang (14S06C) and Feng Zhuo (14S03S) Photos taken by Matthew Yeo and Georges Ip of the Raffles Photographic Society IHC continued last week with a flurry of matches as the various houses competed in a last ditch effort to claw their way up the inter-house rankings. Which houses succeeded … Continue reading

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