IHC Day 7: Touch me if you can!

IHC Touch Rugby was certainly the place to be for high-speed entertainment. Read our report on the conclusion of IHC Sports 2012 here.

In Full Swing – IHC Day 3!

Day 3 of IHC sports saw three sports being contested, namely Tennis, Swimmming/Waterpolo and Basketball, which was the main event held at the newly opened indoor basketball arena. The Basketball event was hotly contested in the Boys’ category, with the rules allowing for current players to participate in addition to many ex-players who had since quit Basketball since coming to Year 5 – it set up an exciting encounter for all 5 houses.

IHC Day 4, Girls’ Soccer: Not Just a Man’s Game

IHC Day 4 kicked off with a line-up of only one event: Girls’ Soccer. This ensured that the attention of all the supporters would be centred on the main field as the girls from each house battled it out to prove that girls too can play soccer…

IHC Heats Up!

The handball event was destined to be the centrepiece of Day 2. The courts were surrounded on all sides by supporters, even ushers for PTM who were dressed in formal attire crowded around, savouring the action…

IHC Begins!

The IHC Soccer event was perhaps the most appropriate curtain-raiser for IHC Sports 2012 as it took centre stage in the Main Field on the Wednesday, 25th July…Read more about day 1 of Inter-House Sports!

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