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Spirit Week 2019 Preview: Get Ready to be Spirited Away!

By Vanessa Lur (19S06Q) and Isabelle Tan (19S03S)
Photos courtesy of Jynelle Ong (19S03B) and Jiang Jin Liang (19S06N)

Who can forget last year’s Spirit Week, which saw many Rafflesians donning Raffles themed tattoos and enjoying a whole week of dress down days? This coming Monday, Council is bringing us Spirit Week 2019, with a whole bunch of fun, never-before-seen activities planned out just for you. Now, we know you will have many questions whirling in your heads about this upcoming event. Before we get into that, let’s address the most important question — what exactly is Spirit Week?

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Capriccio: 4 Things to Expect During Orientation

By Mabel Yet (19S03Q)

Photos courtesy of Amy Lim (18S06O) and Tan Ting Wei (18S03J) from Photographic Society

Unless you happen to be an unfeeling robot, the prospect of the all-important Y5 Orientation you’ll soon be hurtling into will probably bring about a whole tangle of emotions. Maybe meeting new people and running around playing games is your thing, and you’re about to spontaneously combust with excitement from having watched the batch dance countless times. Or maybe you would much rather stay a hermit for another month, evade as much social interaction as possible and just get these four long days over and done with. Either way, Orientation will nonetheless be an experience that will stay with you for a long time (for the better, of course).

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Advofeste – Actualising Our Abstractions

By Noor Adilah (17S06B)

This article is a preview of Raffles Community Advocates’ upcoming event Advofeste which will take place at Yusof Ishak Block from 2.00pm–6.00pm. Interested participants may read up about the event at, and sign up here.

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Founders’ Day Carnival 2016

By Carman Chew (17A01D), Photos from Raffles Photography

Back by popular demand, the Founder’s Day Carnival 2016 will be held on the 23rd of July, 8am to 12.30 pm packed with a variety of carnival rides, sports events and even indoor games for the hermits at heart. With an approaching deadline for sign-ups, Press is here to offer more insight into some of the exciting activities available for everyone. 

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