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An Eggs-traordinary Experience: the Gudetama Cafe

By Calista Chong (18A01A)

Last November marked the grand opening of the Gudetama Cafe Singapore at Suntec City. Gudetama enthusiasts would welcome this piece of great news with open arms. After all, many of us find the lazy egg yolk relatable. There are days where we find ourselves perpetually weary and overwhelmed by the strong urge to do nothing – at all.

Translation: Gudetama doesn’t want to say gud-morning. (Source)

Earlier last month, this writer took advantage of the long weekend to check out the Gudetama cafe with her family. The cafe is a joint venture by two home-grown brands, Joe and Dough and The Soup Spoon. Little Miss Bento, renowned bento artist Shirley Wong, had also been put in charge of the food styling and menu curation. We were excited – or rather, egg-cited – for what was to come.

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Arab Street Foodventures

By Noor Adilah (17S06B), Jeanne Tan (17A01B), Joan Ang (17A01B)

Last week, three Press reviewers (henceforth labelled Stuffy Eater, Picky Eater and Iffy Eater) and some of their friends decided to go cafe-hopping. Since two in our group are Muslims and could only eat halal food, we chose Arab Street as our hunting ground for the most enjoyable food experience.

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Food for Thought: Nomnom at Nam Nam

By Louisa Li (16A13A), Qiu Kexin (16A13A), Sean Lim (16A13A), and Vanessa Chia (16A13A)

The ever growing presence of Westernised hipster cafés has caused traditional Asian food to begin falling out of favour with students these days. Occasionally though, one still finds quirky gems that can pull one back to the cultures in our region – Nam Nam Noodle Bar being one of them. Rather than going along with the trend of serving fusion fare, Nam Nam distinguishes itself by staying faithful to its roots, specialising in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Notably, the restaurant is staffed by many Vietnamese employees and is also a favourite spot for many Vietnamese foreigners – which we all found fitting, given that the bar was born out of the founder’s love for Vietnam’s food and culture.

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Food for Thought: Pacamara Boutique

By Michelle Zhu (15A01B), Daphne Tang (16S03M) and Qiu Kexin (16A13A)

Despite having only opened its doors in October 2014, Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters has quickly earned a name for itself as one of the better cafes around, receiving rave reviews from foodies and collecting a beautiful feed on Instagram geo-tag posts. Previously Oz Specialty Coffee, the café has been revamped, now with proper food instead of just desserts and drinks. Situated only a short walk away from Raffles Institution, the all-white exterior of this cafe calls attention to it even from across the street.

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