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An Announcement On Eunoia’s Name

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By Justin Lim (16A01B)

“Ew-noi-va? Innova? The new school’s name sounds like that school in Woodlands – that Innova, right?” I can’t help but sigh as my mother offers her own take on Eunoia JC’s rather unique name: not because it’s yet another detraction from the proposed pronunciation of “Eu-no-ya”, but because after three whole days, the furore hasn’t been settled.. It’s not just my mother who seems to put her own charming spin to pronouncing the school’s name, even “language experts” who’ve studied Greek seem to be proposing their own alternatives – my favourite being “Eff-ni-ah” by an Edward C. Yong.

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Nationally Speaking: Personalizing Aliens

By: Samuel Loh (16A01A)

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Source: Wall Street Journal

Few other developed countries employ foreign labor to the extent we do in Singapore, and fewer still do so with as little pretension as us. There is ostensibly nothing to gloss over the untamed bareness of it all – burly workers toiling alongside heavy traffic, the characteristic yellow of their hardhats matched only by the dirtied shade of boots they fashion; groups clustered around Race Course Road to call home; temporary dormitories built from prefabricated shipping containers exude some kind of ephemeral quality that’s oddly part charming, part brutish.

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Nationally Speaking: Catching Up with the Polls

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by Justin Lim (16A01B) and Md Khairillah (16A01B)

Visit for a detailed breakdown of the election results in comparison to GE 2011.

At 10 pm last night, the sample counts saw the People’s Action Party (PAP) win this year’s edition of the General Election by a landslide. Five hours later, this result was confirmed by the actual vote count. n what was perhaps the most unexpected, unprojected and for some, disappointing election results in recent years. GE2011 saw greater opposition sentiment in the populace, and resultant opposition gains in parliament.  This GE saw an increase in the former, but none of the latter; PAP candidates across the entire island attaining higher vote percentages than in 2011, wresting back Punggol East SMC and very narrowly losing at Aljunied GRC.  Raffles Press brings to you a bite-sized summary of the election results.

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