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What’s in a Home?

By Sarah Chen (19S03C)

Without fail, every 9th of August brings with it a sudden burst of patriotism in Singaporeans, me included. It’s both heartwarming and odd — something that can only be witnessed on this one day. As suddenly as this pride arrives, it leaves, and I am left questioning how genuine all this patriotism really is.

A while back, I watched a film called Ladybird. The protagonist of the film in question was a girl in high school, on the cusp of young adulthood, dreaming of leaving her hometown for greater places. As she spent the majority of the film cursing every single aspect of her hometown, I saw in her not just myself, but many other Singaporean teenagers.

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Nationally Speaking: Race, as told by an Indian Immigrant

By Zara Karimi (18A01A)


I remember primary school and its illustrations of Indians in social studies and health education books. I remember advertisements featuring at least one member of every race at bus stops and community centres. I remember secondary school Racial Harmony Day celebrations where my schoolmates dressed up in black t-shirts, sari fabric draped haphazardly, bindis on their foreheads. They would take pictures while doing yoga poses. I would come across their posts on Instagram, and wonder – why was it that the idea of ‘Indianness’ my peers and society held was so different from what I, an Indian, actually experienced?

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Nationally Speaking: This Land is Ours

By Bryan Ling (17S06C)

There’s this field next to the MRT station near where I live. It’s pretty nondescript as fields go – no trees, no defining features, just a flat plain of grass stretching out for an unimpressive few hundred metres or so. Save for the yearly pasar malam, the only activity it sees is the occasional impromptu picnic group and kite-fliers.

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Nationally Speaking: Going Places

By Bay Jia Wei (17S06R)


All HDB flats look alike. Cookie-cutter homes clustered together, it is easy to lose yourself in a neighbourhood of buildings plastered by the same shade of rectangular splotches. Perhaps the only thing that differentiates the tall columns are the block numbers attached to them. Yet, a few days ago, when I visited the HDB flat that I used to live in, a wave of nostalgia followed. Every flat around me was similar, but returning home felt different.

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