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Rafflesian Times: Life is Bigger Than You

Published online at Rafflesian Times
By Michelle Zhu (15A01B), Nicholas Baey (15S03F), and Teo Yao Neng (3G)

In 2014, two of our alumni, Major-General (MG) Perry Lim (RI, 1988; RJC 1990) and Rear-Admiral (RADM) Lai Chung Han (RI, 1989; RJC 1991) were appointed as Chief of Army and Chief of Navy respectively. In this interview, they share their candid thoughts about Singapore and the armed forces, as well as the life lessons they gleaned from their time in RI.

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Please Mind the Platform Gap (Universities Edition): Yale-NUS College

By Joyce Er (15A01A) and Qiu Kexin (16A13A)

Thinking about which university to apply to, or already a J2 beginning your early admission applications? Raffles Press brings you our Please Mind the Platform Gap (Universities Edition), a series of articles dedicated to providing information on Rafflesian alumni’s experiences at their respective universities.

Yale-NUS College is a liberal arts college located in Singapore, recently established in 2011 as a collaboration between the National University of Singapore, and Yale University in the United States. Notably, it is the first time in 300 years of history that Yale University has developed an institution outside of USA. As new as it may be, it has been making waves among Singaporean students as a premier university for higher learning that offers an all-rounded and holistic educational experience well suited to Liberal Arts students.

In this article, Raffles Press interviews Tan HengYeng, an alumna (Year 2013) who is currently pursuing a liberal arts degree at Yale-NUS College, to find out more about her experiences so far.

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