Broken Telephone: Life Without a Smartphone

by Kristal Ng (16S07C) The first thing I hear when I tell people that I don’t have a smartphone is usually, “How do you live like that?” followed by a fascinated “Can I see?” before I display my retro Nokia. It’s already an upgrade from a $25 Nokia 108, to a $38 Nokia 215. Other … Continue reading

Students: Ditch Google Docs, and use Office Online for your projects for a happier life

Originally posted on Twenty First Tech (outdated):
Project Work is something very unfortunate that all Junior College students will have to deal with. Last week, a teacher warned her class on the use of Google Docs, speaking of how it would destroy hours of painstaking formatting when converted into a Word document. Everyone just heeded…

5 Great Reasons Why The Surface Pro 3 is Perfect for Students

Originally posted on Twenty First Tech (outdated):
You might have already heard about Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets. Third generation on, Microsoft boldly claims that they have finally made a “tablet that can replace your laptop”. We’ll reserve our judgement when we get our hands on a review unit, but for now one thing’s for…

Back to the Future: Twenty First Tech

by Kang Yi Xi (15S03N) Additional reporting by Joyce Er (15A01A), Valerie Chee (15S07B) Photo courtesy of Twenty First Tech RI’s Gap Semester is a time specially set aside by the school to allow its students to engage in self-exploration and develop their own interests. During 2013’s Gap Semester, a group of ambitious tech enthusiasts … Continue reading

Dropping a Brick: Confessions of a Nokia User

by Radiya Jamari (14A03B) When I brought my primeval Nokia ‘brick’ phone to school, the most frequently asked question that was directed to me was a brow-raising ‘What happened to your phone?’ While at first I attempted to explain the tragedy that had befallen my Blackberry, it was pretty soon condensed into ‘Well, this is … Continue reading

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