Arrival Of A New Era: A Review

By Jeanne Tan (17A01B) Just a personal disclaimer: I’m the type of movie-goer who seeks meaning in my movies. An essential question we all ponder, or a struggle that viewers relate to seeing resolved. I have mixed feelings about whether Arrival fulfills this, but the rest of this movie might be enough to warrant an exception. … Continue reading

La La Land Left Me Out At Sea: A Review

By Gan Chin Lin (17A01B) La La Land (2016) You’ve heard its name, fervently adored by theatre kids prone to bursting into loud Hamilton rap numbers. You’ve seen the movie poster – lead stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling frozen in confrontational tap-dance, arms thrown back: simultaneously ‘mannequin challenge’ and ‘elaborate crane flight formation’. Lapped … Continue reading

Movie Review: Rogue One

By Sabariesh Ilankathir (17A13A) Warning: This review may contain spoilers!  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s important to note the significance of this movie. It’s not The Star Wars Story but A Star Wars Story. It points to a vast universe filled with stories unexplored till now. To many fans, this movie might seem … Continue reading

Movie Review: Moana (2016)

By Abdul Qayyum (17A01B) Moana, an animated spectacle that follows the story of a young girl in forgoing tradition and family to find something bigger than herself- to restore and correct the world imbalanced by darkness sparked by the mistake of an ancient demigod. I have to admit, being dragged along by my sister to … Continue reading

Raffles Reviews – Comic Books / Graphic Novels

By Noor Adilah (17S06B) This article is part of a series of genre and format reviews done in collaboration with Raffles Reviews, an Instagram page by Raffles Debate. Click here for more beautiful photos of Rafflesians with their favourite reads. Comic books and graphic novels are generally under appreciated as works of literature, and their … Continue reading

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