Can You Love Singapore and Challenge Lee Kuan Yew?

by Jeremy Yew Ern (13A01B) and Regina Marie Lee (13A01B) We bring you exclusive previews of the upcoming edition of Eagle Eye, which will be distributed to all staff and students at the end of the month. Jointly produced by RI’s Corporate Communications Department and Raffles Press (Yr 5 – 6), Eagle Eye is the … Continue reading

Lost and Roaming

Eagle Eye preview: ROAM: From Respighi to Russia’, was a concert jointly organised by the Year 1–4s of the RI Military Band (RIMB) and RI Strings Ensemble (RISE), and Year 5–6s of the Raffles Symphonic Band (RSB) and RI Chamber Orchestra (RICE).

Girls Making Boys Do Push-Ups? Yes, Sir!

Eagle Eye preview: One’s Uniformed Groups journey does not need to end at Year 4 — we find out about Rafflesians who have returned to serve their former CCAs.

Who says Rafflesians are Selfish and Uncaring?

Eagle Eye preview: we explore unique, innovative student-initiated service projects by Rafflesians.

The Human Element

Eagle Eye preview: read all about human chemistry at Raffles International Science Camp 2012.

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