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2018 Arts Season: A Preview

By Nicki Chan (18S03C)
Cover photo courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

While we were all swept up into the fast-paced routines of JC life, the days of April trickled away gradually, and now, April has almost come to an end. But not to worry, that can only mean one thing: the arts season is upon us.

This is a time when RI’s diverse array of co-curricular activities (CCAs), mainly those in the Performing Arts and Clubs category, hold performances, showcases and events for their peers and the general public. Such events allow members of said CCAs to display the fruits of their labour over the course of their time in the CCA, culminating in rewarding and enjoyable experiences for all involved.

In 2018, Raffles Press brings you a new column that collates all major upcoming CCA events for easy reference and better publicity. Events are organised by date, and this list is accurate as of 26/4/2018, though it may be subject to updates. Events that are conducted by student groups outside CCA may also be included.

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See Something, Say Something – Press Soapbox is Back!

By Abigail Ang (18S06B)

Do you have something on your mind that you are bursting to share? A cause you are passionate about? A confidential tip? An observation about school life or a phenomenon you wish someone would investigate?

Well, you can stop holding your tongue, as Press Soapbox is back in its 3rd incarnation next week. Press Soapbox is a biannual initiative by Raffles Press which aims to tap the pulse of the school community and cover issues that Rafflesians care about. Continue reading “See Something, Say Something – Press Soapbox is Back!”

Fjäll: Orientation 2018 Preview

By Zara Karimi (18A01A), Ianni Tan (18S03C) and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R).

What do you get when you take 1270 O-packs, over 300 students, 6 months of planning, and countless dry runs? It’s simple: A kick-butt Orientation programme that promises to deliver.

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, Orientation is happening in a week’s time! As one of the defining events of J1, Orientation celebrates the arrival of a new batch of the senior-most Rafflesians, and marks the start of your next two years in junior college. J1s can look forward to a variety of fun-filled activities, ranging from song and dance to station and war games, all carefully put together by a team of dedicated councillors and orientation group leaders (OGLs).
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Ecoweek 2018: A Preview

By Clarine See (18S03G)

As the new year rolls around, us students will doubtlessly be armed with a mental list of improvements that we are determined to actualise this year, ranging from salvaging our academic careers to improving our relationships with others. In the midst of this goal-setting for the new year, One Earth and Community Advocates are here to give us a nudge and implore: what can we do to treat Earth, our shared home, more kindly in the coming year?

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