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CCA Previews ’18: Gavel Club

By Joie Liew (18A13A), President and Rauf Hannan Azizi (18S06B), Vice-President

Two words that can strike fear into many hearts: public speaking. When delivering speeches, or just speaking in front of the class, we may often have vague ideas about our message but lack the words and means to accurately express our thoughts. The art of speaking is essentially about communication, about talking with purpose and meaning. It is not about achieving the “perfect” speech, but is about being able to use words and apply thoughts to deliver our message with clarity and focus.

Words have power, and here in Gavel Club, we support each other in developing and honing our ability to harness this power through public speaking. If you hope to improve and practice this essential skill, we invite you to join us!

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Film Society

By Elizabeth Xu (18A13A), Chairperson

We’ve been telling stories for a long time. From cave paintings to books to folk tales, our history and identity is built upon the stories of other people, and film is arguably the most influential medium of storytelling in the modern age. Combining every art form imaginable, it is a uniquely powerful narrative force and has the unparalleled ability to capture viewers both young and old.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network

By Shen Hongyi (18S06K), Chairperson; Chua Yan Xin, Elicia (18S06Q), Vice-Chairperson; Lim Maxine (18S06Q), Public Relations;  Karen Wong Jia Yi (18S03N), Treasurer and Welfare; Li Qingke (18S03J), Secretary

The first time you pronounced the word “entrepreneur”, it probably rolled off your tongue weird – entrepre-noor, entrepre-nuhr, entrepre-newr? The confusion might arise from how “entrepreneur” has its roots in French “entreprendre”, meaning “to undertake”. Thankfully, at Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network, we have undertaken the effort to save you the pronunciation hassle – by being just “REN”. Here are more reasons why REN might be right for you:

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CCA Previews ’18: Computer Science

By Arnold Tan (18S03O), Chairperson

Photos by Chang Si Yuan (17S06B) and Foo Kai En (18S02A)

The Computer Science Club (CSC) is a clubs & societies CCA where members learn more about computer science. So what exactly is computer science? Computer science, according to Wikipedia, “is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers”. A simple definition would be that computer science is the study of how computers work.

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CCA Previews ’18: Community Advocates

By Chelsia Low (18S06C), Chairperson and Nelson Ooi (18S06M), Vice-Chairperson

As Advocates, we hope to speak out, take action, and spearhead change

With our hectic day to day life, it is all too easy to overlook a glaringly obvious fact – society has not dealt everyone the same fortunate hand that we have. Here in Community Advocates (CA), we refuse to ignore these injustices. We choose to take a stand, and we do our best to drive a change. This is the essence of CA.

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