Please Mind The Platform Gap: H2 Art – Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

by Noor Adilah (17S06B) You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the gorgeous paintings that line the corridors. You’ve probably even gawked at the beautiful Art Studio where mysterious art students spend inordinate amounts of time. What goes on in there? What are those mysterious wooden structures in the corridor? Did the Art students put those … Continue reading

Soleil: Orientation 2017 Preview

By Joan Ang (17A01B), Lee Yun Ning (17A01E), and Nerissa Loe (17A13A) You’ve heard tales from seniors about the OGs that stick together all the way until graduation. You’ve heard about the anticipation of finding out who your other OG mates are. You’ve seen the Youtube video of the batch dance, perhaps wondering what your … Continue reading

The Curious Case of Commitment – Life in JC

By Bay Jia Wei (17S06R) and Noor Adilah (17S06B) Maybe you have finally made it after long nights with your Ten Year Series. Maybe you wonder if you have done enough in your 4 through-train years. Regardless of our backgrounds, most, if not all of us, want to make the best of our last 2 … Continue reading

CCA Previews ’17: Raffles Players

By Mahirah bte Abdul Latiff (17S03B), Chairperson; Poh Erika (17S03P), Vice-Chairperson; Shirin Mehnaz Ansari (17S03C), Quartermaster; Choo Ian Kang (17A13A), Quartermaster; Sabariesh Ilankathir (17A13A), Secretary; Hu Yunting Grace (17A13A), Treasurer If you’ve dropped by the Players booth during Open House, you might have noticed that we included a “Terms and Conditions Apply” on our board, where … Continue reading

CCA Previews ’17: Raffles Press

By Bay Jia Wei (17S06R), Chairperson It is odd – how after editing the tenth CCA Preview, I am still struggling to put Press into words. It is odd, because it is always the other way round. Probably no CCA in RI has shared such great affinity with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and WordPress; or … Continue reading

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