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Behind the Seams: The Models of Raffles Runway

By Rachel Lee (19A01D), Lynn Hong (18A13A), Soh Gek Shuen (18S03B) and Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A)

Read the second part of this feature on the designers of Raffles Runway here.

We see them strutting, elegant and confident, down runways, red carpets, and maybe even school corridors. Raffles Press brings you the person behind the poise, interviewing Ng Kelly (18S05A) and Alex Foo (18A03A) to share their journey in modelling.

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Unsung Heroes of RI: Aunty Annie(s)

By Calista Chong (18A01A), Lim Jing Rong (18A03A), and Nicki Chan (18S03C)

The bell chimes, signifying the end of another dull lecture. However, any happiness is short-lived as the much-dreaded announcement sounds:

“The next set of lecture notes is available for collection from the photocopy shop now.”

The whole LT heaves a collective sigh at the realisation that a new portion of the syllabus will be starting. However, while most head to their next class or to the canteen for a bite to eat after the lecture ends, the subject representatives have another job to do – collecting said lecture notes from the photocopy shop.

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The Canteen Stall with A Cause: My NoNNa’s

By Zara Karimi (18A01A)

CEO Ms. Geraldine Tan (centre) with the very first My NoNNa’s crew, consisting of (from left to right) My NoNNa’s Stall Manager Mdm Lim, My NoNNa’s Champion Goh Wei Ting, My NoNNa’s Champion Sharon Shu & Senior Champion Jasmine Ong.

“I started My NoNNa’s after 22 years of working in the corporate sector, I wanted to do something meaningful with my time. And here we are,” recounts Ms. Tan.

Despite being located in the rightmost corner of the Y5-6 canteen, My NoNNa’s remains eye-catching. From the small cooler filled with Italian sodas, to the brightly coloured construction paper signs festooning the stall front, My NoNNa’s is immediately distinct. Yet, there is still much more to My NoNNa’s than meets the eye.

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