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Heavy Weights, Heavier Responsibilities: Appreciation Week 2015

By Izzat Rashad (16S03C)

The strength and conditioning gym at the EWBIS block is filled to the brim nearly every afternoon with different groups of fitness-oriented Rafflesians. Besides the various sports CCAs utilizing the gym facilities for training purposes, the gym also sees a sizeable number of Rafflesians with different fitness levels, pumping iron and working out together, ranging from the complete gym newbie to the seasoned muscular jock.

Commanding this assortment of students in the gym is the gym instructor, whose role is essentially to oversee the students’ safety and discipline when utilizing the machines and facilities in the gym, as well as to guide and advise students who have questions or difficulty with certain gym exercises. Raffles Press recently conducted a one-time interview with the gym instructor here in Raffles, Mr Jason Lim, to gain insight into the perspective most Rafflesians often overlook, and for those who do not frequent the gym, a perspective they are completely unaware of.

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Behind the Counter: Appreciation Week 2015

By Daphne Tang (16S03M), Lex-xis (16S03M), Stella Soon (16A01C)

Photos by Nicholas Chang (16S03K)

The view Mr Pheng sees every day.
The view Mr Pheng sees every day.

“Uncle, one bowl of bak chor mee, please!”

We hungry students know that R5 noodles is the place to go for comforting bowls of warm porridge or sumptuous, springy noodles, but how many of us know about the history of the store and the background of the vendors? In conjunction with Appreciation Week, Raffles Press conducted a one-time interview with Mr David Pheng and Mrs Chan to find out about a perspective we rarely consider – the one behind the counter.

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The Ladies behind CHILL@RI: Appreciation Week 2015

By Chew Cheng Yu (16S06L) and Qiu Kexin (16A13A)
Photos by Li-Ann Hoong (16A03A) of Raffles Photographic Society

Chill@RI’s centre of operations – the cashier counter.

It’s a lazy break in between lessons, and you’re not ravenous enough for a full lunch yet, but you still need some sustenance for that upcoming lecture (to prevent yourself from lapsing into the act of bobbing your head in a mocking show of zombies, no doubt). Where would a Rafflesian with such a conundrum head to?

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The Student Affairs Centre: Appreciation Week 2014

By Liu Fangzhou (14A01C), Hazirah Mohd Helmy (14A01C) and Martin Lim (15A13A)


It’s a miserable Tuesday morning, you’re an hour behind on a PW deadline but you’ve lost your phone and wallet in one go and with that, any hope of begging a classmate or running to the library for a last-minute print job. What do you do?

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