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Study Go Where? (Holiday Edition II)

By Daphne Tang (16S03M)
Reviews courtesy of anonymous Rafflesian contributors

Feeling the heat of stress from upcoming CTs these holidays? Unable to find a perfect place where you can focus and get down to work? Study Go Where?’s Holiday Edition is an article series where we feature potential study locations suggested by Rafflesians in each article, accompanied by a brief overview of its suitability for studying – so you can find out without having to visit it!

In this article, we review Carls’ Junior (NEX), La Ristrettos and Asia Square Food Garden.

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Study Go Where? (Holiday Edition I)

By Samuel Loh (16A01A), Melissa Choi (16S06B) and Qiu Kexin (16A13A)
Reviews courtesy of anonymous Rafflesian contributors

With the Common Tests coming up this July, there’s no question Rafflesians all around are beginning to feel the heat and trying their hardest to catch up with studies – desperately or otherwise! Now that the mid-term break is in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to find some time, head out with your buddies and start hitting the books proper. But who says studying always has to be in the library or at home? As a follow-up to the previous Rafflesian Warrior’s Guides to study spots in the school campus, Raffles Press will feature external locations in the Holiday Edition for students to find the perfect studying getaways – reviewed by Rafflesians, for Rafflesians.

In this article, we cover Changi International Airport’s Starbucks, the Central Public Library, and Serangoon Public Library.

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Study Go Where? A Rafflesian Warrior’s Guide (Part II)

by Daniella Low (14A01B) and Gao Wenxin (14A03A)

In a follow-up to our previous article on some of the more conventional study areas favoured by Rafflesians, we present to you the unconventional. Now that you are sufficiently acquainted with the common study areas, why not take the road less travelled? We explore some of the more quirky and unconventional spots on One Raffles Institution Lane. It is Man vs. Wild – Rafflesian Mugger edition!

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Study Go Where? A Rafflesian Warrior’s Guide (Part I)

By Daniella Low (14A01B) and Gao Wenxin (14A03A)

You have three hours to kill before CCA starts, and you desperately need to sit down and start cracking that Math tutorial. (You could have done it during lunch break, but somehow you ended up queuing for Haw’s Kitchen.) But with all the study spaces around school, where should you go?

In the first half to this two part series, Raffles Press scouts out the more popular and conventional locations around school to spend a date with your graphing calculator.

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