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CCA Previews ’17: Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network

By Nachiappan Natarajan (17S06O), Vice-President of Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network

Phil Libinn, CEO of Evernote, once said “There’s lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there’s only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know what it is: it’s to change the world.” This quote encapsulates the core idea of entrepreneurship which is to change this world that we live in to make it a better place by finding innovative solutions to problems big and small that have plagued our species.

But to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have the will to transform ideas into reality, the determination to overcome any obstacles that lie in one’s path and most importantly the passion to carry things through. This is where Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network (REN) steps in to equip students with the necessary skills to enable them to grow into successful entrepreneurs of the future.

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CCA Previews ’17: Raffles Debaters

Written by Emily Zhao (17A01B), Chairperson

If you’ve ever watched a debate before, you probably think of debating as a bewildering activity, where a bunch of people gather and start vigorously, and sometimes viciously, talking at one another. That’s not what debating is about. Well, the strange, seemingly uncalled for intensity is probably true, but debating is much more than an activity. It’s something that enters your life and before you know it, it becomes your life and the only thing you ever talk about to your friends and then your friends stop talking to you because who wants to talk about debate. Haha. Kidding.

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