Prepare to get thrown: Raffles Jiujitsu

Ever watched an MMA match and wanted to be able to defend yourself and fight like one of the pros? Raffles Jujitsu is an external activity that offers an opportunity for you to do so in a safe environment. You may have heard of Karate, Judo and Aikido but perhaps not Jujitsu. Jujitsu was the … Continue reading

CCA Preview’14: Track & Field

Track and Field. An individual sport with a team spirit. In fact, it’s more like four sports- sprints, jumps, throws, and pole vault. Quite apart from the abundance of good-looking teammates you’ll have, there’s a whole catalogue of reasons for seriously considering Track and Field as your CCA of choice. 1) It’s sport at its … Continue reading

CCA Preview’14: HISSOC

HISSOC, or the History and Strategic Affairs Society, is one of the oldest CCAs in RI, having been founded over a century ago at about the same time as when this school emerged on Singapore’s map. Every batch is about 60 students strong, and students participate in Model United Nations (MUNs for short) both locally … Continue reading

CCA Preview’14: Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network

By Aaron Quak (14S03P) You have a dream. Somewhere inside of you, there lurks a drive to achieve, succeed and most of all, to create. Perhaps your goal is to make it big in life or to improve the way we do things, from making phone calls to volunteering. If so, you may wish to … Continue reading

CCA Preview’14: Raffles Jazz

“I don’t care if a dude is purple with green breath as long as he can swing.” — Miles Davis Playful, yet earnest on the bandstand, Raffles Jazz is a close community of musicians who are passionate about performing this strangely compelling genre known as Jazz. Performing at company events, functions and school concerts, Jazz … Continue reading

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