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RSS Mental Health Strand

By Bryan Ling (17S06C) and Jeanne Tan (17A01B)

Mental health is an often overlooked but vital aspect of health and wellbeing. With the introduction of the Peer Helper’s Programme and Mental Health Awareness Week in recent years, there is no doubt that efforts have been made to create a platform for mental health education in RI.

This year at the Raffles Science Symposium, the Raffles Guidance Centre extended this platform further, showcasing their own Mental Health strand for the first time. With a variety of speakers and visitors from other schools, this was a diverse beginning to this new RSS strand.

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Notes from the Underground: Holiday Blues

By Nadiya Nesseer (17S03B) and Carman Chew (17A01D)

The ‘holiday blues’ – is it the fear you feel when you can’t remember your estranged uncle’s name at a Christmas party? Or is it the regret that affronts you at 10pm and you realise you haven’t done anything but watch videos all day? Could it be that dread you experience when it’s New Year’s Day and you still haven’t touched any of your holiday assignments?

In this instalment of Notes from the Underground, Raffles Press (P) speaks to 2 of our counselors, Ms Woo Mei Hui (MH) and Ms Chua Kah Hwee (KH), to better understand what the holiday blues are, what we can do about it and some tips to prepare for the year ahead.

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