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Pressing Ahead 2019: Preparing for the Multimedia Newsroom

By Huang Beihua (20A03A) and Sarah Lok (20A03A)
Photos courtesy of Mr Patrick Wong

Despite our denial, the life of a student journalist is markedly different from that of a paid professional. We are fortunate not to risk having someone set their dogs on us, for example, and rejections of our articles—even if churned out on Google Docs in late-night frenzies—are exceptions rather than the norm. Yet, the safe harbour of school does not so readily exonerate student-journalists from the keeping abreast of the meteorology in the open seas beyond, and as the field of journalism as a whole braces for the digital era ahead, it is only too appropriate that student journalists must, too, consider and discuss the challenges and opportunities it heralds for ourselves.

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Common Ground 2019: The Inclusivity of Persons-With-Disabilities in Society

By Emily Ni (20S03C), Ng Ziqin (20S03H), and Sarah Lok (20A03A)
With contributions from Caitlin Goh (20S06O) and Cherie Goh (20S06O)

At a time when most were preoccupied with CT preparations and MEP applications, some sought to challenge the assumptions which Rafflesians might have of persons-with-disabilities (PWDs), remind us of the similarities we share, and underscore the need to build a more inclusive society. Aptly titled Common Ground, this two-week initiative was the inaugural collaboration between Raffles Interact, CA, and RECAS.

Here, Raffles Press highlights two main events that happened as part of Common Ground: Human Library and Y6 Assembly.

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Film Society Screening: Singapore Boleh!

By Claire Tan (20S07A), Clara Shen (20A01A), and Coco Liu (20S06L)

As students streamed into the movie room in excited chatter on the 14th March, there was anticipation in the air of what the evening could possibly offer and what enlightenment the four films, which were carefully selected through a democratic voting process by the FilmSoc members, sought to provide.

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Come Fly With Me: Inside the Raffles Aviation Club

By Varun Karthik (19S06A) and Aaron Tan (19A01B)
Photos courtesy of the Raffles Aviation Club

Somewhere along Airport Road, where the buildings are low and the sky stretches endlessly above, stands a quaint little establishment known as the Singapore Air Force Museum. If you ventured within, past the retired aircraft, up the elevator to the officers’ mess on the third floor – and if you were visiting on the 13th of December 2018 – you would find four figures sitting close before a stage in the cozy hall, the site of the Aviation Safety Competition 2018.

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Homeground 2019: Gardens by the Bay

By Aaron Tan (19A01B)
Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning at the Gardens by the Bay. The sun is shining. A cool breeze rustles through the air, birds chirp, and thirteen kilometres away (or so), buses boarded by Rafflesians, workers, and anticipation are hurrying towards the Supertrees. Homeground 2019: Gardens by the Bay, is underway.

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