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Pressing Ahead 2019: Preparing for the Multimedia Newsroom

By Huang Beihua (20A03A) and Sarah Lok (20A03A)
Photos courtesy of Mr Patrick Wong

Despite our denial, the life of a student journalist is markedly different from that of a paid professional. We are fortunate not to risk having someone set their dogs on us, for example, and rejections of our articles—even if churned out on Google Docs in late-night frenzies—are exceptions rather than the norm. Yet, the safe harbour of school does not so readily exonerate student-journalists from the keeping abreast of the meteorology in the open seas beyond, and as the field of journalism as a whole braces for the digital era ahead, it is only too appropriate that student journalists must, too, consider and discuss the challenges and opportunities it heralds for ourselves.

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Common Ground 2019: The Inclusivity of Persons-With-Disabilities in Society

By Emily Ni (20S03C), Ng Ziqin (20S03H), and Sarah Lok (20A03A)
With contributions from Caitlin Goh (20S06O) and Cherie Goh (20S06O)

At a time when most were preoccupied with CT preparations and MEP applications, some sought to challenge the assumptions which Rafflesians might have of persons-with-disabilities (PWDs), remind us of the similarities we share, and underscore the need to build a more inclusive society. Aptly titled Common Ground, this two-week initiative was the inaugural collaboration between Raffles Interact, CA, and RECAS.

Here, Raffles Press highlights two main events that happened as part of Common Ground: Human Library and Y6 Assembly.

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Pressing Ahead 2018: Engaging the Community — A Work in Progress

By Varun Karthik (19S06A) and Loh Lin (19A01D)
Photos courtesy of Phang Yeu Yeou (19A01B) and Raffles Photographic Society

When one thinks of a student journalist, several images jump to mind: a figure hunched over their laptop poring over google documents, perhaps. Or a frazzled individual darting from person to person thrusting a figurative microphone under their noses, putting them on the spot each time. These encounters aside, the student journalist remains largely out of sight, with nothing — save for their carefully curated publications — to account for their existence. So on the silent pursuit goes: probing, discovering, writing. In the process, a necessary question arises: how do we adapt to what the community cares about?

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Pressing Ahead 2017: The Community Through The Journalist’s Eye

By Ashley Tan (18A13A) and Zacchaeus Chok (18S03O)

Student journalist – not exactly the most prestigious job around, or even one that is frequently sought after. Nor is it an easy job, with frequent late nights on Google Docs, scouring for website-worthy pictures and harassing subjects for interviews. While student journalists around Singapore may have had a taste of the perils that the job brings, the kind of experience that each journalist has would undoubtedly vary from school to school.

Raffles Press’ Pressing Ahead Conference provided the opportune platform for student journalists from 7 very different institutions to collaborate and learn from one another.

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Press Freedom – Breaking Free from the Tyranny of [REDACTED]: Hodge Lodge Debate Series II

By Ernest Lee (17A01B), Gan Chin Lin (17A01B), Bryan Ling (17S06C), and Hari Kope (16S06H)

The World Press Freedom Index ranks Singapore 154th out of 180 countries –  the 85th percentile. In terms of press freedom, Singapore is barely staying out of remedial.  Discussions about the presence, role and freedom of the media in Singapore never exclude buzzwords like ‘authoritarianism’,’ ‘free speech’, ‘draconian’ and ‘harmony’, but what do these terms actually mean?

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