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Putting the ‘Care’ in Healthcare: Raffles Business Symposium 2019

By Ruchira Ramaswamy (20S03A) and Rachael Koh (20S07C)
Photos by Koh Jia Hao (20S06M)

“Healthcare is the toughest of all the sectors, should you decide to venture into entrepreneurship.” 

Professor Lawrence Ho, an accomplished endoscopist cum co-founder of medical robotics company EndoMaster©, put forth his frank opinion as such in his keynote speech, standing at the podium in the Performing Arts Centre. Sharing briefly about his journey as an entrepreneur and the obstacles faced in this industry, he concluded his address by rallying youth to find their passions and innovate. Attendees of the Raffles Business Symposium 2019 applauded him, sitting in anticipation of what was to follow. The theme this year was Healthcare —which has always been applicable to our society, and is more so now than ever, in light of ballooning issues such as ageing populations, and antibiotic resistance. But finding solutions to these problems, and many more, is no piece of cake. Continue reading “Putting the ‘Care’ in Healthcare: Raffles Business Symposium 2019”

Why We Don’t Debate Alone: Winning ESDC 2014

By Lee Chin Wee (14A01B)


Not too long ago, I was wrong about debating.

Perhaps because my views were blinkered by the heavily televised debates between American Presidential candidates or by watching my own debating heroes when I was younger, I always believed that debating was about the individual. A grandstanding, intellectual fencing match between six speakers who were divided into two teams for argument’s sake. To the casual observer, debates are often decided by one person – typically the one who sounds the most stylish, makes the sharpest rebuttals, and pummels the opposing team into submission.

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No Small Matter: RI Wins The Big Quiz 2013

By Austin Zheng (14A01B)

Which international diplomat was recently awarded an honorary 10th Dan black belt? What is the percentage of women in Singaporean corporate boards?

These were some of the questions asked in the finals of the Straits Times-Ministry of Education National Current Affairs Quiz, more popularly known as the Big Quiz, which saw Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Junior College, River Valley High School and Nanyang Junior College engage in a gruelling contest of speed, knowledge and argumentative ability. The intense competition was reflected by the supporters from the four schools, who had turned out in force. A contingent of Nanyang supporters even arrived with a flotilla of multi-coloured helium balloons, awing everyone in the conference room. While the RI supporters were less well prepared, they nevertheless made two personalised banners in a display of solidarity. Continue reading “No Small Matter: RI Wins The Big Quiz 2013”

What the Straits Times Didn’t Tell You about the Big Quiz

By Lye Han Jun (13A01A)
Photos courtesy of Ryan Quek

The RI team with their competitors in the finals.

Yesterday, RI participated in the grand finals of the Straits Times – Ministry of Education National Current Affairs Quiz 2012 (also known, rather inventively, as the Big Quiz). The team of four, consisting of Chan Kai Yan, Loo Tien Pan, Ryan Quek and Teo Hoong Chen, triumphed over Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution and River Valley High School to bring home the top prize of $5 000, together with a challenge shield for RI’s trophy cabinet.

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