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SYF 2017: Passing Time – Modern Dance

By Calista Chong (18A01A), Lynn Hong (18A13A) and Yeo Kee Hwan (18S03Q)

The dancers gathered in a circle, their eyes drawn in intent concentration toward their captain as they rallied for what would be the culmination of months of hard work. On 28 April, RJ Modern Dance performed at the Kallang Theatre for the Singapore Youth Festival.

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SYF 2017: Guitar, Don’t Fret

By Carman Chew (17A01D) and Nadiya Nesseer (17S03B)

Upon the signal to begin the gruelling 10-minute tuning session, the cold, bare tuning room lit up with tuners flashing orange and green as guitarists scrambled to get their instrument to the perfect pitch. Seconds before the ensemble began their final practice run, guitarron player Novis Lim (17S03M) shot her hand up, calling for the conductor — something was wrong with her strings.

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SYF 2017: Chorale’s Voices Soar As One

By Clarine See (18S03G) and Yeo Kee Hwan (18S03Q)

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is a biennial event for performing arts CCAs to showcase their talents, and entails hundreds of hours of hard work and practice behind the scenes. Raffles Chorale’s months of preparation and dedication culminated in an enchanting 15-minute presentation on 20th April, at the SOTA concert hall.

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RJCO: SYF Distinction

By Lim Jing Rong (18A03A), Lynn Hong (18A13A) and Sheryl Gwee (18A01D)

NUS Cultural Center music hall, before the performances began

For most of us, the phrase “Chinese orchestra” brings back echoes of cheesy Chinese New Year standards, looped endlessly over the crackling sound systems of neighbourhood malls. At best, it calls to mind the refrains of rather dated wuxia movies and serial dramas.

RJCO’s Singapore Youth Festival, however, is bound to reverse these mistaken notions, with each of the Chinese Orchestra’s members skillfully manipulating their instruments to present an expressive, enthralling and cohesive performance.

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The Play Was Not (at all) Too Bad: Raffles Players SYF 2016

By Catherine Zou (17A01B) and Sabariesh Ilankathir (17A13A)

The opening scene at SYF 2016, which was held on 27th April at Goodman Arts Centre.

The Goodman stage lights open to the image of a life concluded: a man, crushed under the weight of a collapsed car; spinning lights; horrified onlookers.  Yet, Raffles Players’ Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) play “The Coffin Is Still Too Big For the Hole” (written by Lucas Ho and Cheryl Lee) unravels a life from its tail end. It starts with a conclusion: the coffin is still too big – but rather than being literally, physically too big for the hole (as in Kuo Pau Kun’s beloved 1984 play), it is, figuratively, too big for a life that has been confined and diminished by boundaries and restrictions.

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