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Riding the Waves: Nami by Guitar Ensemble

By Valerie Tan (20A01E)
Photos courtesy of Geng Heqin (20S06S) from Raffles Photographic Society

6:25PM, 23rd May 2019.

For an LT that hardly ever sees students enter its aisles for lectures, LT2 is remarkably alive tonight. Students and parents alike fill its seats, and an unceasing wave of chatter and conversation washes through the entire space, accompanying the almost indiscernible music playing in the background. At the edge of the stage sit cardboard waves, painted deep sea blue and lined with tinsel, while four gold foil balloons spell out NAMI at its bottom. Continue reading “Riding the Waves: Nami by Guitar Ensemble”

A Happy Ever After: Rockout 2019

By Chloe Wong (19S07C), Ina Song (19S07C) and Qiao Ying (19S03K)
Photographs courtesy of Chloe Guai (20A01D), Kevin Lee (20S06T) and Koh Jia Hao (20S06M)

While the performers in the dressing room dolled themselves up with final touches of make-up, a queue had already formed outside the *SCAPE Ground Theatre, snaking all the way out of the venue. After the well-crafted publicity video and highly exciting morning announcement, it was no secret that on 18th May 2019, many were going to go f-f-f-for ROCKOUT: EVERAFTER. The theme, Everafter, was chosen with reference to the Disney movie “Coco”. Its concept was inspired by the Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead. Continue reading “A Happy Ever After: Rockout 2019”

Chamber Ensemble: Fantasia 2019

By Claire Tan (20S07A) and Coco Liu (20S06L)
Photographs courtesy of Loh Yih Hang (19S06B) and Cheng Wentuo (20S06L)

The LT2 we walked into on 11th May was a vastly altered place—and it wasn’t just because it was bustling with excited parents and schoolmates. Chamber Ensemble had transformed the space for their annual concert, creating an unearthly ambience. Their banner at the front of the stage was adorned with pink and blue flowers; the lights were dimmed to evoke a sense of intimacy; even the ticketing booth at the entrance was lit with fairy lights. Entering the lecture theatre felt like walking into a fantasy.

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Stepping It Up: The 39 Steps

By Huang Beihua (20A03A), Sophia He (20S03H), and Mah Xiao Yu (20A01B)
Photographs courtesy of Lin Yutong (19S06F), Syu Rui Ying (20S06M), Joel Leong (20S03O) and Claire Ngern (20S03N) of Raffles Photographic Society

Love, mystery, and espionage: most would think of James Bond and his many, many Bond girls, (hey, You Only Live Twice! Just kidding, Raffles Press does not approve of polyamory.) but Raffles Players presented us with something new—their very own comedic rendition of the highly acclaimed 1935 film, The 39 Steps.

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Raffles Jazz Concert ‘19: Manha de Carnaval

By Sophia He (20S03H), Huang Beihua (20A03A), and Kwee Qiao Ying (19S03K)
Photos by Syu Rui Ying (20S06M) and Jensen Huang (20S06T) of the Raffles Photographic Society

It was 5.30pm on the 4th of May, 2019. Outside the Performing Arts Centre (PAC), all was calm. The Gryphon Square lazed under the afternoon sun. Students, one or two, broke their concentration on vector equations to laugh at their friends’ Star Wars puns of questionable quality, and Teddy was being petted (we know it was a Saturday, but let’s face it, when isn’t someone petting Teddy?)

Inside, though, was a wholly different sight: cymbals clanged and the saxophone sang, smartly dressed jazz members shuttled between stagefront and back, and decor team members worked their magic on balloons and duct tape, about to meet the concert that would be the culmination of many months of hard work by Raffles Jazz—Manha de Carnaval.

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