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Vocal Delights 2018: Cadence

By Mabel Yet (19S03Q) and Rachel Lee (19A01D)

Photos courtesy of Kathryn Oei and Zheng Huijun from Raffles Photographic Society

Many would associate chorale music with the solemn singing, foreign hymns, and rows of singers dressed in identical silk robes and tuxedos, typically found at a church or in a concert hall. But for a night every year, Raffles Chorale is permitted to break free of convention to put on a night of surprise and wonder. The product of this was Cadence, a full-length concert held on 15 December which astonished its audience with a variety of medleys ranging from the latest pop tunes to soulful renditions of JJ Lin.

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No Idea What Art Students Do? Artshow 2018 Gives Us An Idëa.

Cover Art is “Flood in the Art Room” by Yu Ke Dong, which was also exhibited at Idëa.

By Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A)

Peer into the fishbowl art room and it might feel like peeking into an alternate dimension. In fact, H2 Art students befittingly look like aliens during crunch weeks: urban legends speak of them wandering blearily across school halls, finally settling to hermit in the art room until 9-10pm. If you’ve ever asked, ‘why do these Art Room creatures torture themselves as such?’, you would’ve found the answer by visiting these mythical beings and their creations at their inaugural Art Show 2018, Idëa, held in November this year. 

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Batch Night 2018

By Benjamin Lim (19S03I), Vanessa Lur (19S06Q) and Chloe Wong (19S07C)
Photos courtesy of Jiang Jin Liang (19S06N) and Amy Lin (19A01B)

Batch Night 2018 certainly was a night to remember. The performances. The food. The games. Everything seamlessly flowed from the start to the finish, with the audience enjoying every single performance by the many talented individuals in this institution. The halls of the Albert Hong Hall Auditorium opened timely at 6.30pm, with several groups of people milling around, queueing for the tasty food before the night started.

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Language and the World: CJC ELL Symposium 2018

By Loh Lin (19A01D)

The study of language may seem like a perplexing choice to many who are unfamiliar with Linguistics as a subject — after all, why is there a need to focus on and examine something that serves only as a tool for communication? What can linguists do with their knowledge beyond academia? What is their role once they move beyond the classroom?

The ELL Symposium held in CJC on 28 May wryly acknowledged these questions, and forwarded a response in its overarching theme: Forging An Inclusive Community. Having conveyed a certain sense of responsibility that both linguists and linguistics students alike are due to bear, the stage was set for the two speakers, Dr Joe Bennett and Dr Gareth Carol, both lecturers in Applied Linguistics and Psycholinguistics in the University of Birmingham, to broaden the audience’s understanding of the multiple ways in which language interacts with society, and how we could use it in a way that “[betters] ourselves for the good of others”.

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Five Ways to Build a Home: Film Showcase ’18

By Loh Lin (19A01D) and Kuang Shane Qi (19A13A)
Photos courtesy of Kathryn Oei (19A01A) from Raffles Photographic Society

Opening to a full house last Friday, Five Ways to Build a Home showcased films which — you guessed it! — revolved around the theme of home. The films, with their eclectic mix of subject matters, aimed to shed some light on what home means to the filmmakers, and in doing so display the outgoing batch of Film Society’s talents one last time. Emcees Alicia Seet (19S03L) and Arron Tan (19S03C) kept up a stream of lively commentary with a host of puns. It was on this animated note that they introduced the films of the night.

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