Power Trip – From Blues To Bossas

by Elizabeth Leong (18S06G), Liu Enqi (18S03C) For many, jazz brings to mind a distant era and faraway setting – a lively American nightclub in the 1940s, perhaps. Some may consider it elusive, especially compared to styles like pop or rock. Despite this, Raffles Jazz successfully acquainted its audience with the genre, immersing them in … Continue reading

Rewind IV: Final Cuts – Film Showcase 2016

By Gan Chin Lin (17A01B) , Jeanne Tan (17A01B) , Marilyn Kang (17A01B), Abdul Qayyum (17A01B) Last Friday night saw the PAC festooned with clapper board paraphernalia, pamphlets and balloons. Film Society members strategically assembled behind their front of house in anticipation of the audience slowly trickling into the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). Whilst most … Continue reading

Thingamajig 2016: Concert with a Cause

By Serafina Siow (17A13A) and Abdul Qayyum (17A01B), Additional reporting by Jeanne Tan (17A01B) It’s the time of the year when most concerts by Performing Arts CCAs have concluded, and student-organised charity concerts step into the frame. As one of the first of such concerts this year, THINGAMAJIG 2016 was a small-scale, cosy affair. It … Continue reading

The Rock Concert Gotham Deserves: Rockout 2016

By Joan Ang (17A01B), Ernest Lee (17A01A) and Lee Yun Ning (17A01E),Additional Reporting by Jeanne Tan (17A01B), Photos by Nicole Lai (17S06D), Esther Chin (17S06D) and Victoria Ang (17S07D)   ANARCHY — a state of disorder characterised by the absence of authority. Indeed, it was this theme that set the tone for Raffles Rock’s annual concert: … Continue reading

Sangamam – A night of fun, enjoyment and laughter

By Kaushik Rangaraj (17S06P) Photo Credits: Guan Xin (17S06B) Additional Reporting by Narayanan Avinash (17S06S) On 28th May 2016, PAC played host to ICS’s annual production Sangamam. It was the 11th year running that ICS had put up Sangamam and as ever, it was a successful one. Everyone contributed to make it an efficacious event. The … Continue reading

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