Preview: How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth: A King Lear Parody

By Lee Chin Wee (14A01B) What do Raffles alumni do in their free time after graduation? Aside from two years of compulsory National Service for the guys, we end up getting involved in all sorts of activities: from studying till 2 am in the university library to fretting about getting the right internships so that … Continue reading

Spaces, Places

By Sheryl Gwee (18A01D) “Spaces, Places”, a first-time collaboration between Art Club and Raffles Photographic Society, was a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Wanting to provide the audience with the best atmosphere and art-viewing experience, the organisers opted to exhibit the artworks at Flor, a quaint little Japanese-styled bakery nestled among the … Continue reading

Out of This World: Rockout 2017

By Soh Ying Qi (18A01C) and Ianni Tan (18S03C) Photos by Raffles Photographic Society The first thing you would notice when you walked into the *SCAPE Ground Theatre was the atmosphere, which seemed to crackle with a kind of palpable energy felt by every audience member. Held on the night of 26 May, Raffles Rock’s … Continue reading

Raffles Rave: A Review

By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A), Ling Young Loon (18S07A) and Yeo Kee Hwan (18S03Q) Every May, the Audio-Visual Unit, the unsung heroes of the school community, organizes a DJ showcase event for an afternoon of dance, music, and fun. After all, they are often behind the scenes, helping to make various events a success, but … Continue reading

CLDCS Concert ’17: A Date With the Four Seasons

By Abigail Ang (18S06B) and Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A) Calligraphy, songwriting and drama – three entirely different forms of art; how can they possibly integrate seamlessly and culminate in one flawless production? Raffles Institution’s Chinese Language Drama and Cultural Society (CLDCS) answered this in their annual concert held at the school’s Performing Arts Centre last Friday … Continue reading

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