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Chinese Orchestra ‘18: Cascade

By Wong Zi Yang (19A01D) and Nicole Chan (19S05A)
Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

If you were to mention ‘Chinese’ to anyone, the likely response would be one of disgust, such as ‘ew, no need take Chinese already lah!’

So what would one expect for the turnout at a Chinese Orchestra concert? Surprisingly, quite a large one. Raffles Institution Chinese Orchestra’s ‘Cascade’, performed on 4th May at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall, enriched the night with soulful music.

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Writers’ Guild Anthology ’18: A COMMAntry

By Wong Zi Yang (19A01D)
Photos taken by Aiken Lee (18S06G)

The comma: a simple punctuation mark, used by everyone in their daily lives (especially those who write essays upon essays. When will it end?). We almost never appreciate its existence, beyond its ability to differentiate between ‘let’s eat, grandpa’ and ‘let’s eat grandpa’. But no longer is it overshadowed by the long lines of text that flank it; Writers’ Guild shone a spotlight on the comma, featuring this often-overlooked punctuation mark as its theme in their Writers’ Guild Anthology Launch on 30th April.

This is an ode to the comma. Neither the start nor the end, the comma invites readers to enjoy an oasis on a trade route. This simple pause, in the right context, weaves a world of layers within the space of a sentence.

– Writers’ Guild, foreword

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Modern Dance’s Luminescence: An Illuminating Experience

By Benjamin Lim (19S03I), Chung Sohyun (18A13A), Joyce Lee (19S06O) and Mahima Sowrirajan (19S07A)
Photos courtesy of Chloe Tan, Ting Hou Yee, Melvin Liam, Amy Lin, David Lim and Dionne Pok of Raffles Photographic Society

An outstretched arm, an extended leg, a tilted head — is this what comes to your mind when you think of modern dance? For many, modern dance is an esoteric and abstract art form that seems distant from our everyday lives. However, on the 3rd and 4th of May, in their showcase “Luminescence”, Modern Dance revealed to us how dance, just like any other art form, can be used to tell magical and captivating stories that contain deep meaning.

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Breakthrough 2018: Shattering Expectations

By Claire Zhai (19S03B), Mabel Yet (19S03Q) and Mahima Sowrirajan (19S07A)
Photos courtesy of Dylan Siew (19S06E) and Zheng Huijun (19A13B) of Raffles Photographic Society

It’s hard to fathom that behind every street dancer is a typical Rafflesian who, like you and me, toils endlessly over their tutorials and occasionally falls asleep in lectures. The images of a student in immaculate uniform and someone breakdancing in the middle of the street just don’t seem to click. But for 30 minutes on the 26th and 27th of April, these students transformed into a group of passionate, stunning dancers we barely recognised.

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RIPE Concert ‘18: The Missing Piece

By Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A), Wong Zi Yang (19A01D), and Yoon Shwe Yee (19S03B)
Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

This year, the theme for the Raffles Institution Piano Ensemble (RIPE) concert was “The Missing Piece” – containing elements of time and travel, which were the themes for the 2016 and 2017 RIPE concerts respectively. During the concert, the audience was taken on a journey through the baroque era, the classical era, the romantic era, and the modern era to appreciate the soulful ensemble of piano music across different time periods.

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