Author: Karen

Raffles Rhapsody

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Wong Wan Ting (12A03B) and Dion Ng (12A01A)
Photos courtesy of Mark Tan (RI alumnus) and Ho Sheng Yi (Raffles Photographic Society)

Raffles Rhapsody 2012, in Mrs Lim Lai Cheng’s words, was a ‘passionate and enthusiastic expression of feelings and emotions’. Its goal was to showcase the talented performing arts CCAs in RI, and achieve that goal it did. Initial reactions towards the event were mixed (grouses ranged from expensive ticket prices to the short performance times for all CCAs involved), but as it neared 20 April, there was no doubt that Rhapsody looked set to be an event of great proportions. Combining efforts from all the performing arts CCAs in RI and the 31st Students’ Council and held in NUS’ University Cultural Centre, it was clear Raffles Rhapsody was not just another school concert.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Tan Hua Yang and Theophilus Kwek
Photos by Lim Li Keen from Raffles Photographic Society

Over the 13th and 14th of April this year, a varied mix of art lovers, curious tourists and supportive schoolmates streamed admiringly into the main gallery of the Arts House, wondering at the eclectic range of artworks on display. The unsuspecting crowd-puller, of course, was none other than the Raffles Art Club’s and Photographic Society’s inaugural joint exhibition, “Introspect”.

The show’s somewhat reflective theme was inspired by the palpable shift, in our time, towards social networking, online communication and the power of the crowd. “Introspect” meant to return one’s focus to his own journey of self-discovery. As RPS’ chairman, Lim Li Keen (12S06E), wrote in his preface to the event, “perhaps all we look for in others is ourselves—what we long for is a deeper understanding of how people see us.”

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Double Gold for RI Water Polo

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Fabian Chiang (12A01C)
Photos by Aidan Mock from Raffles Photographic Society

Iron nerves, grit, determination and solid teamwork sealed victory for RI’s A Division Water Polo boys in a match best characterized as one of extreme attrition. In a match that was extended by two quarters, the victors were crowned 6-4 after the finals culminated in a thrilling penalty shootout. This marked RI reclaiming the title having lost it last year to defending champions Hwa Chong, who had broken RI’s consecutive streak of championship wins.

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Gymnastics: Trampoline Silver

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Amy Ng and Sarah Yeo

Raffles Institution ‘A’ Division Trampoline clinched silvers for both boys and girls teams in the National Championship this year. However, it was a close fight and Raffles conceded the victory to Hwa Chong Institution while showing the true spirit of sportsmanship. In addition, the girls also managed to win the judges over with their graceful routines, receiving two medals in a tie for second place in the individual component, while the boys received a medal for second place.

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