Author: Chung Thong En (22S06N)

Raffles Reads: A Consequence of Sequence

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Chung Thong En (22S06N)

Raffles Reads is a collaboration between Raffles Press and Times Reads which aims to promote a reading culture among Singaporean students.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Unfortunate real-life circumstances made Idayu Maarof, Malaysian author and general practitioner, write a second book after her first award-winning work. 

Maarof is a Malaysian General Practitioner (GP) who had previously published another work, The Doctor Is Sick, which won an Anugerah Buku Negara (National Book Award, Malaysia) in 2017. In A Consequence of Sequence, she is put through the wringer again when she starts having seizures again after the surgery that was supposed to solve them—and this time, no one can figure out the cause. Faced with a quickly worsening and possibly fatal illness, all she can do is try for surgery again and pray that things will get better.

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RI Celebrates National Day 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Chung Thong En (22S06N)

One week before National Day, Raffles Institution was already in a festive mood. Bright red and white streamers and balloons lined the walkways, as small Singapore flags fluttered in the wind. The blackboards at the canteen were filled with colourful illustrations, as well as the programme for the coming National Day celebration.

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Rank It! Special Edition: Online Games

Reading Time: 19 minutes

Feeling bored at home? Well, have no fear as Raffles Press has got you covered this June holidays! We have specially come up with a whole list of games that you can indulge yourself in and add a bit of spice to your life. After much research, we proudly present to you our top 9 online games that you can play in your free time!

So sit back, relax and get your App Store ready for some great game additions to your phone!

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Raffles Guitar Ensemble: SYF 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Chung Thong En (22S06N) and Sophie Goh (22S07B)

In other years, it would have been a performance to a buzzing audience comprising classmates, teachers and journalists. On the 28th of April 2021, it was a much emptier, but no less daunting SOTA concert hall that Raffles Institution Guitar Ensemble (RJGE) faced for their biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). 

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